Home made dishwashing liquid

When I was searching  for options to move completely away from all commercial, chemical laden house hold cleaners, I started researching into home made dishwashing liquids.  And the result is this easy and lemon fresh  dishwashing liquid  that is totally chemical free and equally good on both your dishes and your hands. This recipe uses soap nuts or soap berries (பூந்திக்கொட்டை) which are the dried fruit shells harvested from soapberry trees. They  contain natural soap called saponin which is released when in contact with water. They have wonderful cleaning properties, without the chemicals found in commercial cleaning products. There would always be some of these berries soaking in water in my grandmother’s house. And this is what was used for washing clothes with. She used to use ash from the wood/coal stove along with some soap nut powder to clean the dishes. 
I have previously posted the method for making the all purpose bio-enzyme cleaner and I will soon post the recipe for home made laundry liquid detergent also. And we can all move away from commercial house cleaning products that will save the earth and be easy on our pockets too. 
Soap nut 20
Lemon 4 
Water 2 lts 
Vinegar 1 cup
Glycerin 1/4 cup
Xanthan gum 1 tsp

Break open the soap nuts with a hammer and discard the seeds. Cut the lemon into 8 pieces each and boil soap nuts and lemon in the water till the water is reduced to half. Let it cool and then strain the water. Grind the boiled soap nuts and lemon in a blender with some of the soap nut  water and strain to remove all the liquid. The pulp can be used to clean your brass and copper vessels. Boil the strained liquid for about five minutes and strain one more time. Once this has cooled add 1/4 cup glycerin, 1 cup vinegar and a capful of any essential oil of choice. I have used lemon essential oil to keep it consistent with the fresh lemons used. Add 1 tsp of xanthan gum depending on the thickness you prefer.  Xanthan gum is a food grade thickener and stabiliser produced through microbial fermentation.  Blend with stick blender till it becomes thick. Store in a bottle with a nozzle and use it to clean your dishes. Soap nut liquid has a shelf life of about two weeks. But I have added vinegar which  is an excellent cleaner and a preservative and I am hoping this detergent will have a longer shelf life.  Yield is approximately 750 ml of  liquid detergent. 

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