Paav bhaji

This is an iconic Mumbai street food that has now become a household name in South India. I love this dish because not only is it tasty and easy to make, it is also quite nutritious as it is loaded with vegetables. With whole wheat paav buns it makes a very convenient snack or even dinner. You can add some paneer bits to the vegetables if you want some protein. The crucial element is the paav masala which is readily available in the market. I make small batches of this masala and have it available in my fridge so I can prepare this dish at a moment’s notice. For paav masala click here.

Mixed vegetables (beans, carrots, peas, potato, peppers) – 2 cups, chopped
Paav buns – 4
Butter/ghee – 4 tbsp
Paav masala – 1-2 tsp (to taste)
Tomatoes – 2, chopped
Onion – 1,  chopped
Salt – to taste

To garnish
Green coriander – 1 sprig, chopped
Tomatoes – 1 chopped fine
Onion – 1,  chopped fine
Lemon – 1, cut into small wedges

Wash the chopped vegetables and cook in the pressure cooker with half a cup of water. Mash it well and set aside. In a kadai add 2 tbsp butter and fry the onions. When translucent, add the tomatoes and continue cooking. When tomatoes are cooked add the paav masala, salt and mashed vegetables. Continue stirring till it comes together into a thick gravy like consistency. Add more butter if you so choose.

Cut the paav buns into two and spread some butter on both sides. Grill both sides on a tava and serve hot with the bhaaji, garnished with tomatoes, onions, coriander and a lemon wedge. In Mumbai this is served dripping with butter but here, I am going a little easy on the butter. Serves 2

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