Gotukola soup

We had visited Sri Lanka a couple of years back and at every breakfast buffet we found this tasty, flavourful soup which was a lovely green in colour. At first, I gave it a pass but then on the third day decided to try it. The flavours just popped in my mouth and I quickly chased down the chef to find out more about it. That is when he explained that it was a breakfast soup/porridge and everyone began their day with a bowl of this nutritious herbal soup. What is it? Nothing but our very own வல்லாரை or Indian pennywort. Other greens can also be substituted but the health benefits of this green especially for arthritis and inflammation are so great I always make it with only வல்லாரை.

வல்லாரை (leaves only) – 2 cups
Red rice – 1/3 cup
Coconut milk – 2 cups
Ginger (grated) – 1 tsp
Black pepper (crushed) – to taste 
Salt – to taste

Wash the red rice and cook it in adequate water till well done. Mash the rice and continue cooking, adding water if necessary. Wash and clean the  வல்லாரை leaves and grind in a blender extracting 2 cups of the clear green juice. Set aside. Grind a small coconut with the ginger and extract 2 cups of coconut milk. Once rice is well cooked add the வல்லாரை juice, salt and pepper. Continue boiling and then add the coconut milk. Keep on stove for a few mins and remove from fire. Serve hot. Serves 2.

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