Kudiravali (barnyard millet) neer dosai

This is a Mangalorean dosai. The word Neer means water and the dough for this dosai needs to be extremely smooth and watery. Neer dosai is a very soft and light dosai and can be made as soon as the dough is ground ie. dough does not need fermenting. My sister Nirmala Sridhar is an expert in making this dosai and I got the recipe from her. 

In order to make it more healthy I made the dosai with just kudiravali or barnyard millet. I am sure other millets can also be used. The only difference was in the colour of the dosai. While regular neer dosai is completely white in colour this dosai is a little off white. However, I found that the taste was so much better than the rice neer dosai.

Normally this dosai is served with a sweet coconut (poornam) side dish, chutney, potato sagu or vegetable kurma. Here, I have served it with both the poornam and kurma, both of which are very easy to make.


Millet – 1 cup (soak in adequate water for 4-5 hours)
Coconut milk – 1 cup 
Salt – to taste


Kudiravali or barnyard millet
Consistency of dosa batter

Grind the soaked millet very smoothly and pour into a bowl. Add the coconut milk and salt and mix well. Add sufficient water to get the right consistency which is very important if you want soft dosais. Use a well seasoned tava for this dosai. There is not need to use oil for each dosai. I normally use a small clean cloth soaked in oil and wipe the tava with this after each dosai. The tava needs to be kept at a constant temperature so that the dosais turn out well.

Pour a ladle of dough on the tava and don’t spread with the ladle. Swirl it around gently and fill the gaps with additional dough so you get a thin spread of the dough like a rava dosai. Cover with a plate and allow to cook. The dosai will start to lift from the edges. Lift carefully and fold into two or four. There is no need to flip this dosai on the tava. Do not stack the dosais when hot as they will stick.

These dosais are so light and fluffy that you can easily eat 5-6 at a time. Serve with a side dish of your choice. Serves 4

Neer dosai with kurma and poornam

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