Get the convenience of a soap with the goodness of traditional vaasanaippodi, with ingredients like dried green moong, dried flowers of hibiscus, rose and tanner’s cassia, yellow turmeric, vetiver, lemon peel and other whole herbs and grains.


Loaded with turmeric, this luscious coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and shea butter soap has nothing but the goodness of fresh kasturi manjal. The smell of oranges is a real picker upper and so this soap has a generous dollop of orange essential oil. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with a generous amount of traditional manjal and the fresh smell of oranges in their bath soap? 


Turmeric charcoal

Our popular turmeric soap, with the added benefit of activated charcoal, for deep cleansing.



This herb has long been used to treat skin conditions. Those with sensitive skin and dry skin can use this soap too.


Oats, almond and honey

Made with organic oats, raw honey and homemade almond milk, this luxurious and wholesome bath soap has a hint of lemon grass. This marbled soap has a vibrant honey colour without the addition of any artificial colour and is made with coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil.

Our handmade vegetable oil soaps are fairly soft and can get mushy if they sit in water. Please make sure to keep the soap in a dish with slotted holes in the bottom to drain excess water. Keep soap dry when not in use.

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Price: Rs 150 for 100 gm

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