Life lesson from my jackfruit tree

This is the jackfruit tree that my mother nurtured from a seed. 

Unfortunately, my neighbour just hates this tree (don’t ask me why) and keeps cutting off the branches that grow in her air space. Even though I have asked her to help herself to any number of raw and ripe jackfruits, she just wants the whole tree gone. Sentimental reasons aside, why would anyone want to cut a healthy tree that is not harming anyone? Every year she ruthlessly cuts off all the branches on her side of the fence and this poor tree is so traumatised, I don’t even know how it is still standing. But, this is one amazing tree. 

jackfruit seed podimas
watermelon rind and jackfruit seed poriyal

Even with all this abuse inflicted on it, it is so resilient and just doesn’t give up. Despite being so grievously wounded year after year, it will flower and fruit every year making the squirrels ecstatic. This tree upon which such atrocities have been perpetrated, continues to stand tall (if a little lopsided) and year after year blesses us with delicious fruits. It has taught me a major life lesson; even in the face of repeated adversity just get on with life and continue doing your job. This year too, we were blessed with abundant fruits. I am sure it is because of the trauma that the fruits have become considerably smaller, though remaining as sweet as ever. 

raw jackfruit pulav
raw jackfruit pickle

This year, we allowed some of them to mature into fruits but most of the raw ones came in handy during the lockdown for use as a vegetable. It can be made into North Indian subjis, pulav and South Indian poriyal, podimas, chips, pickles, koottu and many other dishes. And the seeds are so versatile. I use it in koottu, podimas and sundal also. Today, I made jackfruit seed chutney powder and it is super tasty. Thank you my beautiful jackfruit tree.

jackfruit seed chutney powder

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