Waste segregation and home composting

This blog is about food, health and wellness including lifestyle choices that we make. Today’s post is about one such choice. Waste segregation and composting are practices we all can adapt in order to reduce waste going to landfills and to save our natural resources.

This seems to be catching on but it is still not practiced extensively. Earlier I was using stackable clay pots and the messiness and smell of composting used to put me off, after which I stopped doing it for a long time. But thanks to Namma Ooru Foundation there is a simple, smell free way to compost your kitchen waste. 45 days after I commenced, my kitchen waste changed to compost and I now have the best natural fertiliser. The clean smell of fresh rain “petrichor” that emanates from this naturally derived compost is just heavenly.

Living in the city, even if you don’t have a garden or potted plants at home, give the compost to a neighbourhood park or use it on the roadside plants and trees.

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