Okara adai

Any time I make tofu, it stands to reason that the next few meals will be either tofu or okara based. (For those who aren’t aware, okara is the highly nutritious pulp left over after getting the soymilk from the soybeans. Recipe here.)

Today we had delicious okara adai.

Incidentally, okara freezes very well and can last for upto a few months in the freezer.

Rice – 1 cup
Urad dal – 2 tbsp
Channa dal – 2 tbsp
Tuvar dal – 2 tbsp 
Okara – 3/4 cup 
Onion – 1, finely chopped
Red chillies – 2
Green chillies – 1
Curry leaves – 1 fistful 
Asafoetida – 1 pinch 
Salt – to taste
Grated coconut – 1/2 cup 
Coconut oil (for making the adais)
Coriander – finely chopped

Ingredients for okara adai

Wash and soak the rice and dals together in one container overnight. Grind them coarsely (with a small amount of water) with chillies, coconut, curry leaves, asafoetida and salt to make a thick batter. After grinding, add the okara and mix well, adding more water if required. Add chopped onions and coriander. Make the adais using coconut oil and eat with your favourite chutney, avial or milagai podi!

Adai batter with chopped onion and coriander
Okara adai

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