Sweet potato and mott dal poli

Polis are my all time favourite and even though they take some time to prepare, it is  time well spent. Rather than the usual chana dal sweet poli I decided to make it with sweet potato and for protein I added mott dal (you can use whole moong or regular chana dal also). Making the polis with wheat flour makes this a healthier poli. So try it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Sweet potato – 2 large
Mott dal – 1/2 cup (soaked)
Wheat flour – 1.5 cups 
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp
Oil – 2 tbsp
Jaggery – 1/2 cup
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp 
Ghee for making poli 

Soak the dal for 6-7 hours and in a pressure cooker cook the dal and sweet potato with very little water. Once cooked, peel the sweet potato and mash it with the dal.

In a small pot add the jaggery and 1/4 cup water. Keep on stove and allow the jaggery to melt and then transfer to a kadai after straining it to remove impurities. Once it comes to a boil add the mashed  sweet potato and dal and stir till it thickens. Add the cardamom powder and remove from stove. It will harden a little bit when it cools so that it would be easy to make polis. 

Mix the atta with water, turmeric and salt and knead  till you get a soft chapati like dough. Add the oil and knead some more till it is smooth and allow it to rest for an hour. When you are ready to make the poli, roll sufficient filling into small balls (I got 12 from the quantities used) and set aside.

Make the polis and cook on the tava with ghee. To know how to roll out the polis you can watch our video (see below) on puran poli made with chana dal on YouTube.
Enjoy while the poli is still hot. Makes 12 polis.